Scepter of Salvation

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The Magic of Inherian Description

Princess Talamaya and her friends, Lady Kersta and Lady Mexia, must retrieve the Scepter of Salvation when her brother is poisoned. Visions plague Talamaya of a world beyond her own, of a destiny she has to fulfill.

But the barbarian king is also after the scepter, and the black-hearted wizard who is trying to gain control will do anything to keep them from retrieving it.

She must free a knight from his madness. Help a female dwarf escape from the dwarven mines. Aid an Amazon fighting the Dark Elves. Rescue even the barbarian king. Save a crusty old dwarf from the wolves of Elan Pass. And outwit the dark wizard once more. Above all else, she must always take the path of righteousness. Which is much easier said than done.

©2012 Terry Spear (P)2014 Terry Spear
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