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Rune Sword Description

An ancient sword points the way to an ages-old conflict and eternal love.

Nika Graves was excited about the Viking exhibit at her museum. She wasn’t counting on the star artifact, the Rune Sword, being stolen by a vampire. She certainly wasn’t counting on falling for the Swedish SOG agent who had been assigned to protect it. With Erik Thorvald at her side and time running out, Nika has to take the Rune Sword back before the vampires—the Draugr—bring their king back to life. Her life is at risk, but when she finds out that Erik is keeping some secrets of his own, her heart just might end up being the biggest casualty of the fight.

Viking vampires? Ancient Norse gods? That’s more than Nika bargained for—but it’s what she got. Now on the run with Erik, a sexy vampire turned Special Forces operative, she’s up to her eyeballs in magic, danger and desire. The Rune Sword holds the key to awakening a long-dead vampire king. 

Can Nika and Erik keep him in his grave where he belongs?

Rune Sword is a standalone with a "happily ever after" ending and no cliffhanger. This audiobook also contains several additional bonus stories to enjoy!

Warning: This book contains graphic scenes of a sexual nature and is not intended for listeners under 18.

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