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Going Grey Description

Ian isn't crazy. Life would be a lot simpler if he was. He's eighteen, on the run, and scared - the shape-shifting delusions he's had since childhood have turned out to be real. He's the result of a dynamic mimicry project intended to help undercover agents "go grey" and blend in unnoticed. Now the biotech company wants its property back, and the only people he can trust are two private military contractors sent to find him: Rob, a former Royal Marine who's struggling to adjust to Civvy Street, and Mike, heir to a wealthy American political dynasty, who only ever wanted to be an ordinary guy. While the company hunts Ian, the two contractors try to help him harness his disturbing ability. But first Ian's got to work out what identity really means - and Mike and Rob have to decide how far they'll go to give him the chance of a normal life.

©2014 Karen Traviss (P)2014 Audible Inc.
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