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The Convenient Marriage Description

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The Convenient Marriage is read Jay by Avita Jay, who has appeared on stage in Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World, Peer Gynt and Bring on the Bollywood 

Horry Winwood doesn't play by the rules.

So when her family are near ruin and her sister is about to enter a loveless marriage to a wealthy man to settle the family debts, young and headstrong Horry proposes to marry him in her sister's place. 

As her new husband's attentions fall elsewhere, Horry begins to feel increasingly unhappy. 

Then she meets the attractive and dangerous Lord Lethbridge, and her days suddenly become more exciting. 

But there is bad blood between Horry's husband and her new acquaintance, and as complications and deceptions mount, the social tangle grows ever trickier to unpick. 

Will Horry's gamble cost her everything she holds most dear? 

©1934 Georgette Heyer (P)2021 Penguin Audio
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