Regency Rakes & Rebels

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Lady Annabelle's Abduction (Regency Rakes & Rebels Book 1) Description

If Lady Annabelle Chatfield’s reckless brother had to die in debt, couldn’t he have borrowed from someone young and handsome? Marrying the dumpy middle-aged Earl of Brackenbury is not her idea of a bright future. But when a dark stranger climbs into her window at midnight and carries her off on the pommel of his saddle, Lady Annabelle stops wishing for excitement. Who is this ruthless brigand known only as Hawk?

Where has he taken her? Tied to a rickety chair in a woodland hut, she prays for anyone, even Lord Brackenbury, to save her from her kidnappers. For according to Hawk, Lady Annabelle is merely a pawn in a deadly chess game, and ruining her is a key move. Unable to free herself, she weeps and prays: Will rescue come in time to save her honour, her looming marriage, and her desperate family? But as she and Hawk warily grow acquainted, she begins to wonder: Will I mind if it doesn't?

©2013 Charisse Howard (P)2014 Charisse Howard
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