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Tesser: A Dragon Among Us Description

Imagine for a moment that you are a Dragon. A creature of unimaginable power, unending intelligence and strength, and you've just woken from 10,000 years of slumber. Worse yet, you've awoken underneath a city: Boston, an alien and strange place that defies everything you've ever known. Your last memories are of primordial forests, erupting volcanoes sculpting a developing world, faeries, witches, vampires, krakens, and monsters that feared where you turned your eyes.

But all that is gone. Humans, only barely coming into their own in the world from your memory, have taken over. They have erected cities made of stone and steel erupting from the earth like stalagmites reaching for the high blue sky, and developed sciences that have overshadowed even the glory of old magic. This is not the way it was supposed to be.

Meet Tesser, the Dragon. He who walks in any form and flies the skies free of fear. A Dragon Among Us is Tesser's story. Walk with him as he learns the human way,and discovers the dark truth about why magic has really faded from the world he calls home. And, just maybe, humanity will remember why Dragons were most noble and most savage creatures again. Welcome to The Reemergence.

©2013 Christopher Philbrook (P)2016 Audible, Inc.
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