Questing Witch

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Elemental Witch Description

My name is Pamela, and I am the strongest witch the world has ever seen. Only I’m not just a witch, I’m an elemental, and that truth makes me a target and a threat. 

The elementals of this world are done hiding in the shadows. And there is a faction of them who want to rule our world. They want to put the humans beneath their heels, and they want all the power to themselves. Standing between them and their goal are only two people, two that still hold a connection to Spirit, the key to stopping them. Myself, and my father. 

But the elementals we face are no fools. They’ve taken the most precious thing from us both. A child who could be everything they need to force all the elementals to bend a knee. A child whom I’ve always known was special. 

They’ve taken Frost. 

If I have to break the world again to find him, I will. Because I’m done hiding too. And the elementals had better be ready to play.

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