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Redemption Description

Redemption contains elements of fantasy, mythology, and history.

The Roman Empire is in terminal decline, and Prydain has become a land filled with conflict and danger. However there is hope. In the West, the ancient Celtic culture is still strong and vibrant. When Arthnog was a child, his villa was attacked and his family lost. Taken into the protection of the Celts, he grows up secretly blaming himself for the misfortunes that befell his people. Once a young man, he feels compelled to travel the lands in search of meaning. He encounters Dunstane, a Pictish warrior, haunted by demons of her own. Later, a Saxon warrior called Leofric joins them; he, too, has a dark and mysterious past.

During his travels Arthnog unearths a conspiracy to subjugate the Western Celts of Prydain. Can the three warriors truly obtain redemption and help save a people?

©2015 Robert Carl Faulkner (P)2016 Robert Carl Faulkner
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