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Blurred Lines: The Entire Collection Description

Heat sizzles on the sidewalks. A sultry wind blows along the SoCal coastline, stirring passions, cooling the sun-drenched skin of the beachgoers. Tara Lynne needs to change. Enough is enough. She's tired of being left behind. She doesn't know what her options are. Only knows she needs to find some, and fast.

Navy seaman Zack Brannon's on shore leave, healing from a broken heart. Kentucky-born Tara Lynne's on vacation, heading to San Diego...alone, thanks to her loathsome boyfriend bailing on her, crushing her dreams. When she spies the handsome sailor on the Greyhound bus, bearing a mysterious scar on his face and a limp in his stride, their worlds collide in a fiery summer explosion. Forbidden passions are explored. Scandalous lines are crossed. Dirty fantasies are created. A blurred reality forms in which neither one knows who the other is. The only thing they know is for a scorching-hot 24 hours, they can't stay away from one another. Will her brief encounters with the heartsick seaman be enough for Tara to make lasting change?

©2015 Calinda B (P)2015 Calinda B
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    Couverture de Riding the Edge of Darkness
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