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Plain & Simple Description

All three Plain & Simple books in one set!

An Amish Romance: Seth knows the time is coming soon for him to marry and he knows he could have the pick of anyone in his community, although something has stopped him from entering any long-lasting courtships. The only thing that mars his happy life is his concern over his mother, who struggles with constant pain.

Ruth has never been a beautiful girl. Short, petite and plain, she drifts into the background at almost any gathering, her sisters taking the spotlight. Resigning herself to a life caring for her elderly parents, she wonders if anyone will ever notice her. All she wants is someone to share her life with, who sees her loving and gentle spirit and finds that to be the most attractive thing of all.

One day, Ruth's brother asks her to check on Seth's mother every day. In doing so, Ruth finds a kindred spirit in the woman and they soon become close friends. Will his mother be able to push Ruth and Seth together? Or will her doubts about God's plan for her life keep them apart?

An Amish Courtship: Finally together, Seth and Ruth begin courting, taking buggy rides and sharing stolen kisses whenever they can. Seth is sure that Ruth is the one for him, planning to propose to her very soon. Ruth is happier than she's ever been, enjoying every moment that they spend together. However, when Ruth's parents express discontent over her blossoming relationship with Seth, they pressure her into giving up Seth and everything she'd dreamed of.

An Amish Wedding: Will Seth and Ruth get married? Ruth's brother, David, sees how happy love has made Ruth and decides it is about time he also finds happiness. Yet, the one person he has eyes for may be moving to another community. Will his chance for love be gone, or will he be able to find his happily ever after?

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