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Paper Hearts Description

Olivia Mendoza's venture into her new job has taken her to places that she never imagined. From meeting her handsome and brilliant boss, Dr. Donovan Vaughn, and learning of his research, she finds herself moving from parallel universe to parallel universe with him. Along the way, she begins to discover things about each world, the man she's with, and herself. They first landed in a world of ice and snow where things started to unravel. Now they want to go home but are nowhere near it.

Book two takes Olivia and Donnie to a world made out of paper. They are far from home and desperate to connect with someone. However, they soon learn of the history behind this world and the great leader that created it. Suddenly, Olivia is on the spot as everyone sees her as an incarnation of that leader. She struggles to accept this while Donnie begins to feel left out. They are soon separated again and the world of paper is in danger of coming undone. Can they find each other and save this world before the changes affect everything...including their own universe?

©2015 Cithara Susan Patra (P)2016 Cithara Susan Patra
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