Paddy Meehan

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The Field of Blood Description

Paddy Meehan has just started work on the Scottish Daily News when a toddler is abducted. Two eleven-year-old boys are arrested for his murder and Paddy is shocked to discover that one of them is her fiance's cousin, Callum. When the boy's name is reported in the media, Paddy's family believe that she is to blame. Shunned by those closest to her, she finds herself dangerously alone.

Infused with Mina's unique blend of dark humour, personal insights, true crime, and the social injustices that pervade our society, this is a novel that will grip the reader while challenging our perceptions of childhood innocence, crime and punishment, right and wrong.

©2005 Denise Mina (P)2005 Isis Publishing Ltd
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