Ootoot's Learning Adventure

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Ootoot's Little Lost Truck Description

This children's book is one in a series of Ootoot's Learning Adventure books. It is appropriate for children ages two to eight.

Ootoot is a young owl who lives in Hoot Hollow with his wise owl parents, Hoot Pa and Hoot Ma. He dreams of one day being a wise owl just like them. When Ootoot discovers his truck missing, he turns to Hoot Pa and Hoot Ma to help him solve the mystery. With a long list of possible suspects, Ootoot must determine if any of the hilarious possibilities are really possible at all! Laugh along with the Hoot Family as they show why wise owls don't just fall out of trees.

©2016 Mike W. Whitworth (P)2016 Mike W. Whitworth
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