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Alf The Workshop Dog Description

How could a scruffy dog in a bus depot and the call of crows, link back to another world of power and love? Award winning bestseller Emma Calin's brand new series of modern day fairy stories for younger readers and adults too.

A wicked king, a beautiful girl, a young prince and the struggle between right and wrong maintain the fable tradition. The ancient Kingdom of Zanubia and a stray dog looking for scraps in an inner-city repair garage, hold the secret. It's a chapter book story-time action ride. Just add imagination and stir.

Emma's Once upon a NOW series - launching in 2014 - Alf The Workshop Dog. - Isabella's Pink Bicycle. - Kool Kid Kruncha and The High Trapeze. Available in print, Kindle e-book and audio book versions. Scroll up and grab a copy today!

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