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The Reaver Road Description

Well met, traveler! Since you are going in my direction, why don't we walk on together for a while? If luck is with us, perhaps we shall overtake Omar before nightfall, if that pirate of an innkeeper spoke true.

You say you have never heard of Omar? Why, he is the finest storyteller alive! His tale of the God of War is a marvel. Heroes, and villains, and gods -- what's that you say? Yes, of course there is a beautiful maiden -- it would be a poor tale, else. And for all the clash of armies and the great deeds of the mighty, it's a story to make you laugh out loud.

Omar himself swore that every word was true -- but I own I am puzzled over that. No matter, step lively now, friend. Omar is probably just up the road a piece, with a tale to make the miles take wing.

©1992 Dave Duncan (P)2012 Audible, Inc.
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