Old Preppers Die Hard

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An Old Man and His Axe Description

A prepper fiction book of survival in an EMP, grid-down postapocalyptic world.

Farley is an old prepper who is stuck in the city when a solar storm sets off an electromagnetic pulse event, taking the grid down worldwide....

Our hero stays in the city, facing societal breakdown, for 10 weeks - until it is evident he must escape and bug out somewhere. The problem is he has a only half tank of gas and no means to get any more. His destination requires more fuel than that, and he finds himself stuck on the side of a dirt road heading toward a lake cabin he once stayed in. A violent encounter changes his life and his circumstances forever as he tries to protect a boy and his mother in a postapocalyptic world.

This book is filled with the author's Southern prepper fiction humor and wit that teaches you survival skills while entertaining with a tale full of twists and turns....

©2015 Ron Foster (P)2016 Ron Foster
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