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Quantum Description

Navy SEAL turned scientific researcher Nolan Kilkenny is thrust into a deadly world of international intrigue. What's at stake is a technological breakthrough equal to that of Einstein's theory of relativity.

In 1948, a German émigré reaches the threshold of a scientific vision: theory of everything - the very blueprints for the construction of the universe. But his dreams of a future in America collide with the horrors of his past, and he and his research are seemingly lost forever.

More than half a century later, an American physicist unveils a new source of energy, a quantum power cell with the potential to radically reconfigure the economy by making traditional modes of transportation obsolete. Halfway around the globe, Russian billionaire Victor Orlov bankrolls a competing quantum project, knowing that he must force the Americans to terminate their research so he can reap the financial rewards. In what could become the greatest theft of all time, Orlov organizes mercenaries, spies, and the Russian Mafiya to seize the secrets he needs. In order to stop Orlov from stealing the future, Nolan Kilkenny must fight a war that will rage across two hemispheres, as he races to solve a mystery that has gone unanswered for more than 50 years.

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