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Blood Crossed: A Piper & Payne Supernatural Thriller Description

She never wanted a damn partner....

Meet Piper Shaw. She's one of the Netherworld Paranormal Police Department's toughest. She's also an immortal, and she's got one hell of a chip on her shoulder.

Meet Reaper Payne. He's an actual reaper. Yes, one of those guys who ferries the dead. Unfortunately, he broke a rule of his order, and it was a doozy. His punishment is to dwell alongside the living for 100 years.

They're both Retrievers in the PPD. Essentially, they hunt in the Overworld to bring back supernaturals who have overstayed their welcome.

Piper is clear about one thing: She does not want a partner. They just became partners.

Gallien Cross is an escaped prisoner. He's been turning normals in the Overworld into vampire zombies. His goal is to build an army that will keep him from going back to prison.

Piper and Reaper must put aside their differences as they battle through tough goons, vampire zombies, and Cross himself. 

But things aren't always what they seem, and when she finally learns the full story, it may just be too late for everyone....

Netherworld Paranormal Police Department series order:

  • Blood Crossed 
  • Bane's Edge 
  • Deathly Temperance 
  • Major Feeding 
  • Netherworld Rift 
©2018 John P. Logsdon & Christopher P. Young (P)2019 John P. Logsdon
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