A Mystic Caravan Mystery

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Freaky Start Description

Mystic Caravan Circus isn’t what it seems.  

Sure, there’s fun, laughter, and mischief, but there’s also magic, too.  

You see, Mystic Caravan is more than an entertainment venue. It’s also home to a group of paranormal monster hunters who will stop at nothing to eradicate the evil that dares cross their borders.  

Poet Parker, Romani by birthright but left on her own at a young age, stands as the resident psychic. She can see into the minds of man and monster alike. Join her and her merry band of misfits as they cut their way across the country and into your hearts.  

This omnibus includes the first three installments in the Mystic Caravan Mystery series. Get a fresh start with Freaky Days, Freaky Lies, and Freaky Hearts...which is only the beginning.  

The show must go on, after all, and what happens under this big top won’t be forgotten.

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