Mysteries of Billamore Hall Series

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The Carrigan Painting Description

Curators at the infamous Billamore Hall Museum and Art Gallery are being mysteriously murdered, and now no one will accept the job...except Sandra Peterson. 

The cozy Massachusetts town of Billamore has been home to the infamous Hall for over 200 years. Renowned for its rare and somewhat macabre collections, being curator there has been a life-long dream for the intelligent, level-headed Sandra. Unlike her best friend, Josephine, who believes in the existence of all things unseen and supernatural, Sandra refuses to be scared off by ghost stories and strange circumstances. 

But, when Sandra discovers a hidden painting in the museum, a shocking secret is revealed, drawing her deep into a world of mystery she never knew existed. Suddenly she is the next target of an unknown assassin, and must use her wit to overcome her fear. 

Working against time, Sandra must somehow uncover the riddle of the mysterious painting, before she becomes the fourth murder victim in a continuing series of mysteries at Billamore Hall. 

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