Mitford Years

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Kindhearted Episcopal priest Father Timothy Kavanaugh will captivate you in these gentle tales of small town Southern life and its dramas.

A humble man with good humor and good sense, Father Tim Kavanaugh always has a listening ear open for his church members. In the small town of Mitford, North Carolina, he handles weddings, baptisms, and funerals, and also deals with broken marriages, alienated families, and lonely hearts. At various times, Father Tim has acted as a foster parent, canine companion, matchmaker, and cake tester. The parson is also frequently called upon to resolve conflicts, unravel mysteries, and work miracles. To fans, listening to this series feels like going home. “You wish you lived there and knew these people,” says one listener; another listener declares, “I want to move to Mitford!”

John McDonough’s gentle, patient tone richly portrays the peaceful soul of Father Tim. The narrator reveals the secrets and heart of the provincial town of Mitford with careful pacing, presenting a traditional community filled with lovable eccentrics. He changes each character’s voice to help the listener follow multiple players and subplots.

In addition to her New York Times best-selling Mitford novels, Jan Karon is the author of a cookbook and several titles for children. The series debut novel, At Home in Mitford, was made into a 2017 television movie.

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