Mission Clockwork

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Mission Clockwork: Publisher's Pack Description

Mission Clockwork, Book 1:

He's the greatest spy of the Victorian era, but he's met his match.

Almost since birth, Modo has been rigorously schooled as a secret agent. His master, a British Lord, took advantage of Modo’s unique shape-shifting talents, training him to morph from his unsightly, hunchbacked-self into anyone he liked.

When Modo is teamed up with the beautiful Octavia, his reasons for wanting to shape-shift become, well, more complicated. He never wants her to see his true appearance. Then urchins start disappearing from London streets, a high-ranking British Lord gets assassinated, and Modo comes face to face with a ruthless woman with a metal hand. It's clear that a deadly, secret organization has the British Empire in its sights. It will take every ounce of skill, guts, and luck for the pair to survive.

The Dark Deeps, Book 2:

Transforming his appearance and stealing documents from foreign embassies is all in a day’s work for young Modo, an elite British secret agent. A trickier task is figuring out his relationship with the beautiful Octavia, his fellow spy.

Their latest mission - to discover why ships are mysteriously sinking in the Atlantic - seems impossible. There are rumors of a new and powerful underwater weapon - a submarine with a mad captain at the helm. The French are only a few clues away from finding it, so Modo and Octavia must get there first. But the ocean hides secrets much darker and more deadly than they’d ever imagined.

Mission Clockwork: Publisher's Pack is a gripping listen filled with treachery, suspense, brilliant heroes, and bloody brilliant villains.

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