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All That Remains Description

A broken cop. A fragile child. Will they save each other?  

Detective Harvey Sam's training at The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children prepared him for the most important case of his career to date: the abduction of eight-year-old Gabriel Wheeler. Nothing, however, could prepare him for the boy's blame-shifting mother from hell who shoots up instead of alerting police when the boy goes missing. Nor is Harvey equipped to deal with the heartbreak when his girlfriend leaves him on the same night, taking Effie, the nonbiological young daughter Harvey adores.  

The case goes cold when Harvey fails to interview Effie's best friend, the only witness able to identify the perpetrator's car. As police resources are wasted on dead ends and wrong suspects, Gabriel receives unlikely help to escape from Willard Crawley, a simpleminded abductor seeking a replacement for the infant brother he accidentally suffocated years before.  

Audiobook one in the Missing and Exploited Suspense series, All That Remains explores childhood resiliency in a dangerous adult world.

©2017 Hannah Holborn (P)2018 Hannah Holborn
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