McCullough Mountain

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Sacred Waters Description

Colin McCullough has always known the path his life would take, and at summer’s end, he will finally make his Holy Orders. But what should have been a relaxing summer in the mountains with his large Irish family turns into an interlude plagued with temptation the moment his brother brings home the enchanting Samantha Dougherty.

When Samantha agrees to spend her summer break with Braydon McCullough, she soon realizes his intentions are not what they seemed. While coping with Braydon’s assumptions that they are in a relationship, Samantha’s vacation only becomes more complicated when she meets his older brother Colin, the soon-to-be priest. What was intended to be a peaceful holiday turns into an unforgettable experience of loyalty, lust, sacrifice, courage, and love.

©2015 Lydia Michaels (P)2018 Lydia Michaels
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  • Volume 2 de la série

    Couverture de Skin
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    Couverture de Chaste
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    Couverture de Faking It
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    Couverture de Forsaking Truth
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    Couverture de As Tears Go By
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    Couverture de Hold Me Fast
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    Couverture de How to Love Her, McCullough Mountain Prequel
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