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Man Up: Volume 1 Hard Description

In Hard, the first sizzling installment of the Man Up series, Tavish Lee reveals that construction workers' hats aren't the only thing that's hard with a collection of erotic short stories that are 100% Man and 1000% scorching hot!

Toolbelted: A construction worker finds it difficult to work with an iron girder stretching out the front of his jeans. His only hope of finishing the job depends on finding some relief from the distractions of his bodily urges. That's where Nick, the no-nonsense, drop-dead gorgeous foreman comes in...

Breaking the Barrier: A blast from the past shows up in jeans and a hard hat. Andrew never thought he'd see Trevor again, much less in the middle of a construction zone, covered with dust and sweat. Luckily, Andrew's not averse to getting a little dirty and sweaty himself when old sparks reignite!

Big Mac Attack: A sexy new neighbor who saunters around in a sagging toolbelt and little else is the stuff of Larry's wet dreams. But does Larry have the guts to make the first move?

Coming Together: A frustrated office worker finds a way to get up close and personal with the construction worker across the street, proving that fantasies sometimes do come true - and sometimes the reality can be even hotter!

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