Mail Order Brides for the Doyle Brothers

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Hannah: A Bride for Cowboy Warren Description

It's May 1880, and Hannah has risked every penny she has to be the mail order bride of a man she's never met. In this endearing Christian Western romance series, three courageous and God-fearing women overcome their desperate circumstances and risk everything to find true love with the three rugged Doyle brothers, who call the Ruby River Ranch in Montana Territory their home.

Meet Hannah Parish.

She desperately wants to leave the bustle of New York City to find a life in the Western frontier and has decided to spend nearly every penny she's saved to place an ad to become a mail order bride.

Meet Warren Doyle.

The oldest of three brothers, Warren read an advertisement by a young woman in New York City. When he receives a letter from her, he is compelled by her sad words: "I've never had a home to call my own."

After exchanging several letters, Warren sends her the money and tickets to travel to Montana, to the Ruby River Ranch, to become his wife and live with him; his younger brothers, Benjamin and Lewis; and their aging father, whom they all call Pa.

What will life be like for Hannah and Warren when they marry?

What is holding Warren back from wanting to know and love Hannah?

Will Hannah find a way to love and be loved by the man she now calls her husband?

Will the days and weeks he spends riding the range to manage the ranch keep them from finding the love they both desperately want and need in their lives?

And what impending disaster looms on the horizon for their future?

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