Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery

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Bed & Breakfast Bedlam Description

Logan Dickerson is an archaeologist who feels she'll always live in the shadow of her famous mother. To prove her worth, she jumps the fence at a federally protected archaeological site. Not such a good idea. Now she's on the run from the FBI. 

Ending up in a small coastal town in Georgia, she discovers that one resident, Gemma Burke, has been found dead, keeled over in her bowl of bouillabaisse. Logan gets all tangled up in a big mystery (and a little bit of romance), but the fun begins once she falls in cahoots with Miss Vivee, a 90-something, five-foot-nothing Voodoo herbalist and owner of a wheaten Scottish terrier named Cat. Of course the elderly sleuth, with Logan's help, thinks she can solve the murder before the local sheriff can.

©2015 Shondra C. Longino (P)2018 Shondra C. Longino
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