Lines of Ezekiel

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Ezekiel's Bones: Lines of Ezekiel (Volume 1) Description

For 17-year-old Genevieve, most of her life has been fairly mundane. With a blended family with a stepfather and brother she likes more than her cynical mother; a demonstrative best friend; and Bishop, the one guy who seems to appreciate her sarcasm, life is truly predictable. When the new girl, Ellie, shows up at school and beguiles herself into Genevieve's world, even the place Genevieve finds the most alluring, the White Pines Cemetery, will become anything but ordinary.

How do you keep going when immortals have found their way into your life? What are you supposed to do when you learn that the facade of order and routine was all to keep you from uncovering the truth about your existence?

And what happens when your life and your family's lives hang in the balance because of the choice you will have to make? The choice to accept what you are....

©2013 Kimberly J Fuller (P)2015 Kimberly J Fuller
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