Life in Exile

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Watcher's Test: A LitRPG Saga Description

This isn't a game. This is his new life.

Dave has been wandering through life for a long time. His day job bores him and he never seems to be able to meet his family's expectations. The only escape he's ever had is his love of MMORPGs.

But when he becomes the subject of a test without even knowing it, he's portaled into a game-world called Eloria with no way out. It's a frequent daydream of his, however, in none of those dreams did his wife and daughter ever accompany him.

Now, Dave must balance protecting his family with exploring his dream...oh, and trying to stay alive. Monstrous beasts roam Elaria, worst of all, an undead army led by the vile Death Knight.

He'll have to adapt fast and learn to cooperate if he hopes to make a new home for his family. And just maybe, along the way, he'll find out why they're living a life in exile.

Experience the epic first installment of a litRPG saga perfect for fans of C. M. Carney, Blaise Corvin, and Charles Dean.

Narrated by Peter Berkrot (Alpha World, Earth Force).

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