Legend of the Lamp

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The Legend of the Lamp Description

No Genies or flying carpets in this tale of a legendary lamp. Instead, the story of a girl whose good looks, quick wit and her daddy's trust fund should have been enough to get her out of almost any unpleasant situation. To prevent her from making the biggest mistake of her life, Jessie's father insists she spends a summer on an old friend's ranch in Nevada. He hopes that after a few months to think things over she will come to her senses and break off her engagement to the man he believes is only using her for her money.

Although Jessie reluctantly agreed to her father's terms, she was not prepared for the expectations imposed on her by the ranch owner, John Dillman and his son Jack. In response to their old fashioned ideas about how a young lady should behave, Jessie is determined to make life more than a little difficult for her hosts. When they decide to use some old- fashioned cowboy tactics to help her change her ways, no one is prepared for the shocking twist of fate that sends Jessie on a journey back through time. Absolutely anyone who's ever fantasized about life in the old west or been in love and believed that anything is possible should settle in and prepare for a wild ride through the west...and of course, through time.

©2013 Kristin Ruggaber (P)2017 Kristin Ruggaber
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