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Nasty Breaks Description

Lee Ofsted has been hired to teach golf to the executives of a local salvage company on bucolic Block Island. The setting is lovely, and the $1,000-a-day salary will go a long way toward covering her expenses during her third year on the pro tour. But will it be compensation enough for solving a murder?

After a bizarre, botched kidnapping of his sexy wife, the owner of the salvage company turns up dead on the beach. Lee soon discovers that nearly every manager at the company has a motive for murder. Plunging into the case, she asks her boyfriend, Graham Sheldon, a former cop, for his expert help. Before long, the two of them are involved in a tale of greed and ambition that stretches back in time almost 200 years, to a sunken treasure ship that went down in these very waters.

©1997 Charlotte and Aaron Elkins (P)1997 Blackstone Audio Inc.
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