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In the Kill Description

Mr. Lavender

Is there anything better than a man in a well-cut suit? There isn’t, and Mr. Lavender is the best there’s ever been. He wears a suit like it’s skin and is impossible to kill. Many people have tried. He can shoot the eye out a needle and kill his way out of anything. He’s impervious to danger and unstoppable, but he’s got one very big weakness: Sage Bradley. Lavender’s willing to risk it all for love but can the world’s greatest assassin be reformed? 

Sage Bradley

Let’s be honest for a moment. He’s beautiful, and his body makes people weak, but he’s got terrible luck when it comes to men. He’s on a mission to save LGBTQ teens, comfort the elderly, and help communities in Africa because his heart’s as beautiful as his face. 

It’s that beautiful heart that keeps getting him in trouble, and a date with an elegant, enigmatic stranger leads to a wild night of passion and a thrilling mystery that could cost him his heart and his life. Can Sage heal and domesticate a lunatic assassin? Can Mr. Lavender save Sage and claim his heart before it's too late?

©2016 K. Sterling (P)2019 K. Sterling
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