Kiss Her Goodbye

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Hard Truths Description

I’m Everly Marrs, and I’ll be damned before I lose myself to the men that kidnapped me. I had plans...big plans. I had my pretty little life outlined: graduate school, then get a job in social work, and maybe, one day, marry a nice man who actually knew what he was doing in bed. But everything changed when I woke up in a strange place with five men who insisted I call them D, W, J, K, and T. The Letters. 

They told me that the world wasn’t what it seemed. I lived my life thinking that I was in control of my own destiny, but in actuality, they controlled everything. The world was their playground, and I was just another ant, marching in line to the beat of their drum.

The Letters kidnapped me to force my father’s hand, and they couldn’t promise me safe passage. I knew my place in all of this but still found myself losing who I was to their games.

I’m Everly Marrs, and I’ll save myself if I have to.

©2018 Rebecca Royce (P)2019 Rebecca Royce
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