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Flash Points Description

David Hagberg's New York Times best-selling Kirk McGarvey series continues in Flash Points, the action-packed thriller audiobook about a plot to lead a president towards impeachment

The audiobook begins just after the US presidential election, when a man of Trump's stripe wins. Determined to push him out of office, members of the president's staff hire an assassin to set up three terrorist attacks in the US. Meanwhile, a Pentagon general contacts mid-level intelligence operatives in 15 different countries, concocting a plot in which the president will be faced with supposed attacks along flash points, places where trouble could easily erupt into an all-out nuclear war: Pakistan/India; China/Taiwan; North vs. South Korea; Russia/Ukraine. The idea is to overwhelm the new president so that he could not possibly make the right decisions. Dangerous, but the effect would cause the public to demand that Congress impeach him. In order for their plots to succeed, both groups must first eliminate the one man who could possibly stop them: retired CIA assassin Kirk McGarvey.

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