Judge Rosswell Carew

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Courting Murder Description

When Judge Rosswell Carew makes the gruesome discovery of two corpses on a river bank in the Missouri Ozarks, he's plunged into a storm of deadly secrets that threaten both him and his fiancee, Tina Parkmore. Unsatisfied with the way the authorities are conducting the investigation, Rosswell, who's always nurtured a secret desire to be a detective, teams up with an ex-con, Ollie Groton, to solve the case before the killer can murder again. Rosswell uncovers a maze of crimes so tangled that he must fight his way to a solution or die trying.

"I am on Facebook with over 2K followers and also on Twitter, plus I have a website and a blog. I go to several writers conferences each year and have presented at various conferences in the last couple of years." —Bill Hopkins

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