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The Unknown Soldier Description

Though fresh out of prison, Joaquin isn't free. He owes a debt of service, and the cartel will see it paid. Only they don't plug him into their lucrative drug operation. Instead, they give Joaquin half a billion dollars, laundered and ready to invest.

But Joaquin wants redemption. He wants to be like his father and brother who both died in the line of duty as heroes. So he becomes an informant for the FBI.

As the monies grow, he discovers that the funds in his care are not the sole property of the cartel, but mostly belong to a well-coordinated terrorist cell, hell-bent on bringing capitalism to its knees.

Joaquin has to walk the line between informant and cartel money manager while trying to protect those he loves, along with the nation for which his brother and father gave their lives.

©2016 Jace Killan (P)2022 Jace Killan
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