January Cove

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The One for Me Description

Kyle Parker never expected to see her again, and now he’s standing on her front porch with a foreclosure notice in his hand.

Jenna can’t believe her eyes. Her life is a mess, her daughter is depending on her, and the one person who can wreck the rest of her day is standing there with a pink slip of paper in his hand.

When she left him standing in a cloud of dust all those years ago, he vowed to never see or speak to her again. Now, he has to make a big decision—let her destroy his life all over again, or pay her back for what she did?

In the first book of the popular January Cove series, we meet the first of the Parker siblings and follow the family as they live their often complicated lives in a small coastal Georgia town. If you love women's fiction with clean romance, this series is for you!

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