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Sinking Ships Description

Their memories will have to be enough….

Ashley has grown content with her life. Her husband is in the United States Coast Guard but has been assigned a land unit. Which means more time with him and no chance of danger.

Travis has gotten bad news. He's been put on special duty assignment that will mean months of deployment in various open waters. But deployments in the Coast Guard aren't the same as in other branches and he leaves assuring Ashley nothing will go wrong.

But the waterways have been under attack from pirates of all kinds in the past years. What will happen when Travis's ship sails into the wrong water? Left alone with her memories of their life together, Ashley will face the toughest deployment separation yet. Will a lifetime of memories be enough to keep Travis from falling apart?

©2015 Hot Ink Press and Lexi Ostrow (P)2015 Lexi Ostrow
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    Couverture de Up in the Air
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    Couverture de Love Below
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    Couverture de Prison Drop
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