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The British Bastard Description

When a sweet Scot meets a hot Brit with a mysterious past, can she resist the irresistible?

I never let anyone into my life, much less my heart. Teaching college students keeps me busy, and the occasional anonymous shag satisfies my urges. But then, a bonnie Scots lass walks into my world, and everything changes. I shouldn't be with Catriona MacTaggart. She awakens something in me that needs to stay buried. I should keep away, but I can't do it.

Seducing her is a mistake. Living with her might be the worst disaster of all.

The moment I saw Alex Thorne, I knew I wanted to be with him. No other man has ever made me feel so alive and so confused at the same time. The harder I try to get to know him, the further he pulls away. But something about him keeps me coming back for more—until the day catastrophe strikes, and I finally have no choice but to leave him.

The British bastard wrecked me, but I have the strangest feeling fate isn't done with us yet.

The British Bastard is a Hot Scots prequel that reveals the full backstory of Alex and Catriona, going beyond what's revealed in Irresistible in a Kilt.

©2022 Lisa A. Shiel (P)2022 Jacobsville Books
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