Holy Trinity

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The Soul Mate Description

Having barely escaped a worldwide apocalyptic plague that has transformed most of humanity into flesh-eating monsters, Trinity, a young woman, finds sanctuary with a band of roving gypsies who possess magical powers she'd never dreamed existed.

Safely entrenched in the magically protected gypsy camp, Trinity finds herself laden with a whole new set of problems. The biggest being a six-foot-four Scandinavian gypsy who compels Trinity the way no other man has ever before. Unable to control her impulses around him, she soon becomes convinced he's using his magic on her.

While the remaining humans are fighting for their very survival, Trinity is at the same time fighting a very different battle. She's fighting for the right to choose her own destiny.

©2012 Madeline Sheehan (P)2015 Madeline Sheehan
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