Holiday Horror

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New Year's Day Description

It's New Year's Day--a time for new beginnings and setting the stage for things to come. Factory worker Kevin usually starts with a day off, but this year he's working the year-end inventory. He is disgruntled, but doing as he's asked until he can get out of there and return home to his wife and kids.

But not everything is business as usual on this New Year's Day, as Kevin discovers an old evil has returned to pick up where it left off, and the only thing it wants is to help him be a better person, no matter how much blood it has to spill in the process.

Kevin is forced to take a hard look at his life and decide if this is it for him--if this job, this home, this family, are what really fulfills him or if there's more he could be doing. And how far is he willing to go to reach his potential?

©2013 Charles Moore (P)2015 Charles Moore
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