Heroes of Henderson

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Playin' Cop Description

The prequel to the Heroes of Henderson series by USA Today best-selling author Liz Kelly

Duncan James may be a well-respected attorney, but he's still a fraternity guy at heart. So when his buddies bet he can't give the local female speed demon a ticket, he adopts a cop's persona and goes in for the kill - only to find killer lips, a killer body, and a whole lot of killer sass challenging him at every turn.

Annabelle Devine may be a genteel Southern belle, but she's dealing with her own long-standing bet. So when smooth-talking, sexy Officer Friendly hands her a speeding ticket, she licks her lips and simply insists he escort her to her family's New Year's Eve ball.

Well, duh!

Duncan is in. In deep. And now he's desperate to come clean and turn one seriously naughty night into a lifetime of hot Southern lovin'.

©2013 Liz Kelly (P)2016 Liz Kelly
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