Hell Comes to Hollywood

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Hell Comes to Hollywood, Book 1 Description

A screenwriter pays a ghastly price for inspiration - and begs for more. A director looking for fresh-faced talent finds more than he bargained for. A legendary diva will sacrifice anything for fame and glory. A TV personality discovers the twisted truth behind his co-star's impossible celebrity scoops. A bizarre film by an unknown writer brings bloody chaos to everyone who screens it. A mail-room clerk finds out just what kind of guts it takes to become a top talent agent.

Vampiric producers, ghostly actors, psychotic limousine drivers, murderous stunt men and more haunt the streets and back lots of Hollywood in twenty original horror and suspense stories set in the heart of show business, and written by veteran movie and television professionals who went through Hell and back to bring you these tales.

©2012 Anthology material Copyright Eric Miller dba Big TIme Books. Individual stories copyright by repsective Authors. (P)2013 Eric Miller DBD Big Time Books
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