Heirs of the Laughing God: Warhammer 40,000

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Death's Mercy Description

An Aeldari audio drama

The Harlequins of the Masque of the Fading Dawn bring their deadly artistry to bear on a force of humans - but their Death Jester has another agenda that puts their performance into question.

Listen to It Because:

Gav Thorpe continues his exploration of the Harlequins and their myths and legends in an audio drama that focuses on the sinister Death Jester.

The Story:

Following the whim of the Laughing God, the Masque of the Fading Dawn conduct an audacious attack against mon-keigh invaders. Battling to secure their legacy, the troupe put on a performance worthy of remembrance against a backdrop of acerbic remarks from their Death Jester, Adroniel. Intent on a spectacular finale, Adroniel becomes hell-bent on obliterating their unremarkable human foe with deadly artistry, until a strange encounter challenges her role in the final act....

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