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Mistletoe in the City Description

Krista Hartley never expected the unrequited love of her life, the irresistible Derek Weston, to work as the groundskeeper at the apartment building into which she just moved. They barely spoke in high school, but now, three years after graduation, they tear at each other's clothes and jump into bed together at every opportunity. After all, how could a hot-blooded woman say no to a sexy man with an eyebrow ring, a dragon tattoo, and deadly swagger?

A Christmas miracle draws Krista back into Derek's life. He kisses her for the first time under mistletoe, pampers her with romantic candlelight dinners, and memorizes every inch of her delectable body with his tongue. He refuses to let his dream girl slip through his fingers again, but then another woman threatens their whirlwind romance. Hurt once before, Krista breaks off their relationship, and then Derek makes a drunken mistake that could destroy their love forever. With just days to Christmas, he vows to win back her heart and trust and prove his innocence once and for all.

Story three in the best-selling series Handmade for Christmas.

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