Grid Down

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Grid Down Reality Bites: Volume 1 Part 1 Description

Two young men, Mark and Eric, struggle desperately trying to make it to their retreat in Northern California. Their truck is dead from an EMP. They have to walk 200 miles. Will they make it passed the gangs and the utter confusion of a powerless society?

George and his son Junior, are set up in a retreat in Northern Wisconsin. Everything is going along great until disaster strikes. One mistake leaves his 18-year-old son to survive alone.

When the power goes out from the EMP, Preston tries to convince his girlfriend to leave the big city and head to the farmstead where his friends are. Will they escape the complete chaos of the city in time, or wait until it's too late?

From one harrowing adventure to the next, this audiobook will keep you on the edge of your seat, cheering the characters on as they face the impossible odds against them.

©2011-2014 Bruce Buckshot Hemming (P)2014 Bruce Buckshot Hemming
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