Grace Bryant

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When The Sky Was Protected Description

Grace Bryant has no idea that her last flight as a Federal Air Marshal will be hijacked by terrorists.

Eight hours away from a desk job, Federal Air Marshal Grace Bryant has never had to put her life on the line or take anyone else's. Yet if Grace is going to get off this hijacked plane alive, she will have to use everything she's ever learned.

The bloody, traumatic terrorist attack is far from the end of the story, though. Back on the ground, Grace cannot rest till she has pursued the many loose ends that the incident left hanging, including the bizarre death of another Federal Air Marshal on the flight. All is definitely not as it appeared to be, even to those who, like her, were there. Faced with limited facts and obstruction from her higher-ups, Graces pushes for the truth even as her life careens to the edge of insanity through post-traumatic stress disorder. Through it all, with the support of family, friends, and loyal colleagues, Grace discovers the truth behind what happened in the sky that momentous day and uncovers who is really responsible.

©2014 Madison J Doherty (P)2014 Madison J Doherty
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