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Chase Me Description

For 20-something Adrienne, her circle of friends is everything. Especially since her own family falls a bit flat. A judgmental mother, a sister that's a self-proclaimed bitch, and a dad that just doesn't seem to care past his own golf scores. When she has to come up with a date for a venue wedding to keep her mother off her back, Adrienne scrambles to find someone. Her close friend, Clint steps in and saves the day.

Pretending to be in love with a close friend shouldn't be too hard, right? Well, turns out that it's way easier than either of them expected. After a week of "pretend" kissing, sharing a hotel room, and putting on the charade for the family both go home with confused feelings. Feelings that scare Adrienne, and invigorate the hot young high school teacher, Clint. Will they be able to step past the boundaries of life-long friendship into something more?

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