Frederika Bergman

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Silenced Description

Fifteen years ago, a teenage girl was assaulted and raped as she picked flowers for a Midsummer's Eve ritual. Cut to the present, and a man is killed in a hit-and-run. He has no identification on him; he is not reported missing or wanted by the police. At the same time, a priest and his wife are found dead in an apparent suicide.

Fredrika Bergman, along with Alex Recht's federal investigation unit, is assigned to the seemingly unconnected cases. The investigations lead to a clandestine people-smuggling network: a new player on the international human smuggling market operating out of Bangkok.

As the police slowly uncover the shocking hypocrisy behind the network, they begin to find a trail that runs all the way back to the 1980s, to a crime that went unreported but whose consequences will reach further and deeper than anyone ever expected.

©2013 Kristina Ohlsson (P)2015 Simon & Schuster
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