Forgive and Forget

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Happy Ever After Description

When the honeymoon is over, real life begins....

Newly married Debbie is at her wits' end about her and Bryan's mounting debts, but there's no way he's going to stop living the high life and become a stay-at-home husband. Meanwhile, Debbie's dad has just found out his workaholic second wife, Aimee, is pregnant. He couldn't be happier, but she's horrified. Is their marriage going to last?

Debbie's mum, Connie, has met a gorgeous new man and is all set to make a life of her own. But her family need her more than ever to sort out all their problems. Will she put her family first, as always, or can she walk away and finally make a fresh start?

Will anyone be happy ever after?

©2017 Patricia Scanlan (P)2017 Simon & Schuster Audio
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